Republican Dr. Brent Moody Surpasses $300,000 Raised For State House Campaign

NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Dr. Brent Moody unveiled the latest numbers behind his successful fundraising efforts for the first quarter of 2018. After raising more than $250,000 in the previous reporting period, his campaign for State Representative for House District 56 has added an additional $62,350.

“Voters from Belle Meade to Crieve Hall are responding to Dr. Brent Moody’s message of a smaller and smarter government,” said campaign Treasurer Austin McMullen. “Dr. Moody already has the best message and ideas and because of a smart and disciplined campaign he will have the resources to win this race. It is clear that his campaign is on the path to victory in November.”

Dr. Brent Moody and his family live in and love being a part of the 56th House District. Dr. Moody’s professional life is dedicated to treating and serving his cancer patients daily. You can join his campaign at