State Government and Budget

Government must be conservative - open, honest, efficient and effective.

Keep Tennessee’s state government small, smart and simple.

Ensure that Tennessee gets full value for each dollar we spend. Keep government accountable and transparent for use of taxpayer dollars. The taxpayers have the right to demand that elected officials are acting on the best evidence, not simply what sounds good. Decision should be based on data not dogma. 

Preserve our low tax status and make sure that regulations are common sense and serve their purpose without driving businesses away.


Educational success requires healthy students, excellent teachers and adequate resources.

Strengthen each student’s readiness to learn. Provide the necessary resources to identify and fix early barriers to learning.  We don’t want our students falling behind. Invest in school nurses to empower a healthy and ready to learn student body.

Advocate for innovative reforms while demanding evidence to determine the success of the outcomes. 

Encourage and facilitate greater levels of parental involvement in their children’s education.  Recognize that concerned parents, excellent teachers and excellent principals are the foundations of excellent schools.

Encourage teacher development and training initiatives and promote their professional development.  I watched my mother teach elementary school for her career.  Teachers need to be valued for the professionals that they are and great teachers need to be rewarded for their dedication to teaching as a career path. Identify and fix the root causes of teachers dropping out of the profession.


Conservative principals to Make Tennessee the premier place people want to start, grow and relocate their business.

Preserve Tennessee’s advantages by remaining a low tax and sensible regulation state.

Encourage business development in circumstances where the larger economy benefits.  Factors to consider include the number of employees, wages, new technologies and economic condition of the area.  

State and local officials should cooperate and find consensus on how to best manage our infrastructure needs.  Our roads, railways, bridges, water and waste management systems must be ready to handle our growth and effective communication is essential. Excellent infrastructure will further encourage economic development.

Health Care

Enhance access and reduce cost.  Early detection and prevention are keys to decreasing healthcare costs.

Engage communities about taking steps towards prevention and wellness through education, access and early intervention in the disease process.  

Invest in children’s care through school nurses and community initiatives.

Recognize that addiction and substance abuse are a medical problem. Opioid users not engaged in criminal activity are best managed outside of the criminal justice system.  Intervene early in pregnancy to treat addiction to minimize neonatal abstinence syndrome.

Safe Communities

Encourage all levels of law enforcement to co-operate and share data to keep our communities safe.

Enhance crime prevention through community engagement.

Promote methods to effectively report and prevent domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.