Tennesseans deserve a conservative government: small, smart and above all serves the people.

I believe in the common sense conservative values, the basic things you learned from your grandparents. Spend money wisely, spend more time listening than talking, care about your community and respect other people.
As a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, I will work to keep state government limited to its core functions and ensure that it operates efficiently to the benefit of Tennesseans, not those of special interests.
I will look for areas where prevention of problems will enhance the well-being of Tennesseans and also save taxpayer dollars.
I know from my work as a skin cancer surgeon that preventing or detecting disease early is much easier and cheaper than treating it in advanced stages. I believe the same approach should be applied to the problems faced by our State. We all know the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


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